​Tree Trimming

tree trimming

Keeping your trees trimmed not only helps to reduce the amount of potential debris that falls from your trees, but can help keep them groomed and in place. Trees with branches that protrude extensively are at risk for damaging surrounding structures such as your windows, gutters, or roof. With our tree trimming services, we trim your trees with special attention to detail to ensure that they’re not overly trimmed.


Trimming your trees requires the adequate tools and resources to do so. We begin the tree trimming process by using our machinery to lift us up to the branches that need trimming. Sometimes clients come to us with trees that need entire branches removed either due to disease or infestation to avoid spreading it to the rest of the tree. With our lifting machinery, we’re able to reach high areas and trim the trees with our clipping utensils. We then remove the mess by disposing of the debris afterwards. Trimming can also be done to hedges, bushes, and shrubbery.


Pruning is slightly different to tree trimming in that pruning pushes the limits of trimming. Often times when clients want their trees tidied up, trimming proves to be the most effective method, however, pruning is done more extensively to branches that are protruding. Pruning is cuts the branches at an angle that is desirable yet healthy. This process is usually only performed on larger trees, but ensure that they’re able to produce new growth in the future. Pruning to remove old, decaying, or dying branches can usually be performed throughout the year, while shrubbery trimming may benefit more after the plants have reached their full growing potential.

Tree Shaping

Tree trimming and pruning doesn’t necessarily mean that your trees need to be cut down or removed. Many clients seek out our trimming and pruning services to help give their trees or plants a desired shape. Especially useful for overgrown bushes, shrubs, or hedges, shaping is can help give your garden a cleaner and more groomed aesthetic, while tree shaping is designed to optimize your trees’ natural beauty. With trimming and pruning, these processes can further raise or reduce the appearance of your trees. This means that if you have branches and leaves that hang low towards the ground, pruning them may be able to push them higher off the ground, offering more space or minimizing the appearance of overbearing branches.

Tree Transplanting

Along with our trimming and pruning services, we’re also proud to offer tree transplanting. The practice of tree transplanting is one that requires much time and planning in order to maintain the existing tree’s integrity. If the process is not done delicately, the tree may not adhere to its new environment well and could slowly deteriorate after transplanting. Therefore, we always recommend only seeking out transplants for trees that are in great health and without infestations. These trees often include ones that have been maintained well and pruned regularly with a feasible shape.