Tree Care Maintenance

Tree Caring

To maintain a beautiful lawn and healthy trees, it takes time, patience, and the right resources. With these elements, you can easily maintain a fantastic looking lawn on your own with a few simple steps. For the larger lawn care and maintenance projects, it’s best to regard the help of professionals and regular scheduling with them. While they can remove debris from your trees or lawn to keep it clean, they’re also able to advise on the best practices you can employ in between professional services.


With tree care maintenance, using the right tools is crucial to keeping your lawn and trees healthy over time. Simply using lawn tools inappropriately can lead to potential damage and can prevent regrowth of your plants in particular areas, which will leave your lawn looking worse than before. Our tree care professionals have been working with the same gardening tools and machinery for years and are well accustomed to how each tool works and should be handled. This is important to keeping your lawn adequately groomed, as using tools that are rusty, oversized, or improperly, can cause both damage to your plants and potential injury to you.


Along with the tools, using specific seeding and fertilization elements are also important. If you need seeding and fertilization in particular areas of your lawn for regrowth or new growth, it can be beneficial for us to first prepare the land before we reseed and fertilize. These processes can help your uneven lawn grow evenly in both length and color, along with prepare the land for where new plants will be laid. Installing plants into land or soil that hasn’t been adequately prepared beforehand will reduce the plants to premature decay or deterioration. The preparation step is very important and will make it easier to maintain your lawn in the long run, after your new growth or regrowth has taken place.


If you’d like to know what steps you can take in between professional maintenance sessions, we’ll gladly give you some pointers and tips on how to do so. We encourage our clients to take notice of our practices and the processes behind particular maintenance. In doing so, we believe our tutorials further help clients understand why certain tools and products are used, while also allowing them to gain firsthand experience into what makes for a beautiful lawn and healthy trees. Some of our tutorials can include watering techniques, feeding techniques, as well as weeding. We’ll also inform clients on what to look out for if they believe their tree could be infested or diseased with something, and to have us address it before it spreads.

Best Practices

Some of the best practices that we employ during tree care maintenance include overall assessments where the trees and surrounding gardens are analyzed for disease, pests, or decay. If they pass this clearance, then we move onto checking the tree’s stability, height, branches, leaves, and safe distance from valuable structures.