​Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding typically involved the reduction or removal of a former trees stump in the ground. Since removing a tree stump can be costly and timely, many clients opt for stump grinding to help keep the appearance of the stump low and out of sight. We use professional grinding tools that are able to grind the stump all around to avoid unsightly angles or edges.


If you have decided to keep a stump in the yard rather than remove it, grinding services help to maintain the height of the stump. Using our grinding machinery, we are able to reduce the stump’s appearance if it has grown over time. Stump grinding is not an activity that needs performing regularly, as the stumps only grow a few centimeters over the course of several years. Most stumps can be grinded to the preference of client and leave only a dusty layer of residue on the existing lawn.


Rather than stump grinding, stump removal is also a viable option. Stump removal requires lifting the stump from its roots and removing it from the ground. This can often times leave a large or gaping hole in the area that once housed the stump, but this can easily be re-fertilized or leveled to reduce its appearance. Over time, the hole will eventually close up with proper care. this process can be sped up with seeding and fertilization to promote new growth in the hole. For safety reasons, we always recommend taking and setting up precautions around the hole to avoid injury.


After our stump removal services, many clients have regularly asked about what we do with the remains. We believe in providing services that are also sustainable and eco-friendly, so we do our best to reuse and recycling any stumps that can be salvaged for potential wood chips or mulch. These can then be used in other forms of gardening for moisture control or fertilization. Wood chips and mulch are a great alternative to disposing of the stump altogether. If you would like your stump to be grinded and reused in your lawn, we can also grind them into chips. Furthermore, if we remove a stump that has been infested with disease or pests, we simply dispose of it.


One of the major causes that forces clients to have their stumps removed or grinded is infestation. Infestation occurs when your tree’s stump has become victim to disease, decay, or pests. This can happen when a tree stump has been left uncared for for sometime, or the soil below the stump has been exposed to an infestation. In such cases, we always take precautions when removing infested stumps to prevent injury or spreading the disease to other parts of your lawn or trees. In such cases of infestation, we may also use chemical stump removers poured over the stump to help decompose the skeleton of the stump, making it easier to lift, retrieve, and remove from the ground.