​Land & Storm Clearing

A big old tree

During hurricane season, you may be worried about your lawn’s safety before, during, and after a storm. To put your mind at ease, we readily offer storm preparation services that help you brace for a potential storm ahead. If you were unable to have storm preparation services and have been affected by a large cleanup in the aftermath, we can also provide land clearing once the storm has settled.

Land Clearing

Land clearing isn’t necessarily the result of a storm. Often times, land must be cleared for new building developments or future growth. If clients would like to have a piece of land cleared for one of these purposes, we are able to do so within a given timeframe. Clearing the land for new buildings requires opening the space up even to ensure that building developments can easily settle onto the ground without brush or rubbish getting in the way. For gardening purposes, the land usually needs to be cleared and then fertilized for future growth.

Storm Clearing

If your land has been negatively affected by a storm, either with excess trees and branches or debris, we provide storm clearing to easily remove all of the debris in full. This saves you time and effort from having to prick and pry such debris from your lawn individually. With our land clearing machinery, we can easily clear your lawn from storm debris within hours, leaving it ready to go for the next challenge.

Storm Preparation

While storms are usually unpredictable, they often give us enough time to prepare for them. With the right tools and resources, we can easily prepare your lawn for a storm beforehand, preventing further damage and destruction. Storm preparation services will often include securing outdoor furniture, figures, and free-standing structures in the garden. Ensuring that there are no loose structures around the outside of the house can securely prevent wind from lifting those items and moving them around. During hurricanes or strong storms, you may also subsequently lose power as a result. If this happens, it is important to be aware of where your outdoor electrical units and circuits are, so you can attempt to reboot them or have them repaired by professionals.


Timing is crucial to ensuring your home and outdoor area is securely prepared for a storm. Once you are aware of a storm on the way, you should contact us immediately to schedule storm preparation services. If you are contacting us after the storm has already hit, you should wait until the storm itself has settled and if there is any flooding that needs to subside. Unfortunately, we cannot perform our clearing services during a flood for safety reasons. Having appropriate timing intact for your storm preparation and clearing can lead to less damage afterwards and better security for your lawn and loved ones. For standard land clearing, this is often best performed when the ground is dried enough to use our machinery for debris removal.