Adding to your home’s landscape, trees can be beautiful in nature and vibrant in color. However, keeping them in this shape throughout the year can be challenging if you’re unsure or unaware of how to care for trees or detect potential infestations. With the professional assistance of trained arborists, your trees can be back on track to looking stunning and remaining healthy at all times.

About Us
At Orlando Tree Solutions, we continue to serve Orlando as the go-to company for tree services. If you haven’t heard of our services, you’ve likely seen our work around town, as we’re completely committed to caring for and maintain the trees in the Orlando area. At the city’s top arborists, our tasks include performing tree upkeep, pruning, landscaping, stump removal, and land clearing.

Our Services
Orlando’s climate has driven us to be prepared for nearly anything, whether it’s storm cleanup or tree and brush removal, we’ve mastered the art of delivering quick and quality tree services straight to your home. Along with each of our carefully-curated services, we also offer specializations in working different types of trees that you may have existing in your lawn which is common in the Orlando area. These types of trees include Spanish Moss, Oak trees, and Palm trees. If you need assistance caring for one of these types of specialty trees, we can also offer our services on their characteristics, how to maintain them, and what to expect.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming should be simple and is intended to keep your trees looking nicely-groomed, well-contained, and stunning overall. The trick with tree trimming, however, is that there are particular techniques required to trim trees appropriately without hindering potential new growth. There is also a recommended time of year when tree trimming should be performed for optimal results, usually in between seasons, when old growth has fallen from the tree completely.

Tree Shaping

When trees or bushes overgrow without regular trimmings or if they’ve reached the point of unsightliness, they can be trimmed or removed according to your preference. Some clients enjoy having brush that’s shaped and well-kept, while others may find that the messy appearance of older trees and bushes is bleak and unwelcoming. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help give your trees maintenance or remove excess or unwanted trees and brushes

“We hired Orlando Tree Solutions to demoss some Spanish moss outside of our home that had been growing for sometime, along with clear the remainder of the land for new growth. They did this really quickly and professionally, so much so that I can’t even remember what the yard looked like before. Now, it looks amazing! Thanks Orlando Tree Solutions!” – Chris G.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

If you’ve ever looked at larger trees, you may notice that some of the branches that stem out appear to be the same size or slightly bigger than the tree’s stump itself. This is called a ‘co-dominant’ branch and can range in size compared to its own stump. Such an occurrence can threaten the integrity of the tree or push it to premature deterioration through limb cracking or falling. To avoid this, tree cabling and bracing solutions are available to stabilize, shift, and secure the weight that co-dominant branches may have.

Tree Cabling

Stump grinding is the act of shaving a tree stump into a desired shape or height. Stump grinding is preferred amongst clients who have recently had a tree cut down or removed for various reasons. Usually left with a large and unsightly stump, stump grinding can help reduce the appearance of taller stumps in your yard and is a great alternative to having a stump removed completely. If you’ve had a tree removed and the stump of the tree is still infested with disease or pests, we will recommend alternatives to having your stump ground, as this does not rid the stump of infestations.

Stump Grinding
“I had an old and rotting stump I wanted removed from the back of my property. Fortunately, I came across Orlando Tree Solutions and they were able to help. They took all precautions when removing the stump and left me with a small and almost unnoticeable hole where the stump used to be. I couldn’t recommend them more!” – Jonathan R.
Storm Clearing

Land & Storm Clearing

Florida is no stranger to heavy storms and hurricane season. As a result, we strive to help our clients out as much as possible during natural disasters where we can, and this includes offering services for land and storm clearing. Land clearing helps potential contractors and building projects move forward with greater ease, while storm clearing can help get families get back to feeling at home in an otherwise affected space.

A big tree

Tree Care Maintenance

General tree maintenance is actually simpler than most may think. After the initial service, we provide each of our clients the tools and resources to keep their trees and lawn looking great, even when we’re not around. We provide tips and tricks on the best times to check for changes in your tree when to add supplements to your soil if they’re needed, as well as watering routines to keep your trees hydrated. All in all, you’ll get more from us than just generic tree services, you’ll learn new information that’ll keep your lawn looking great, every season!

“I’ve been using Orlando Tree Solutions for years to help with the maintenance of my trees and lawn. They’re really professional, friendly, and affordable. I don’t think I would trust anyone else with my beautiful trees or lawn! Thank you!” – Charlotte P.

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